Shipping Info

Our Bagamour Membership Shipping Details

Shipping is very affordable to all Bagamour members within the continental US. We do not ship to countries outside of the US at this time.

When will my subscription box ship?

According to our standard shipping timelines, your Bagamour Box may take anywhere from 2-8 business days* to arrive following the date of shipment.

As soon as your Bagamour Box subscription has been processed and your order has shipped, we will send a shipping confirmation to the email address associated with your account so you are able to track your order, as well as view your expected delivery date. 

Member will have the opportunity to review shipping status on their 'My Subscription' page on this website.

Can I have my Bagamour Box shipped to a P. O. Box?

Unfortunately we are currently unable to ship to P.O. boxes at this time. 

I received my shipping confirmation email but my tracking link is not longer updating — what do I do?

As soon as your Bagamour Box ships, we will send a shipping confirmation to the email address associated with your account so that you’re able to track your order and view your personal estimated delivery date. This delivery date is subject to change as the shipping carrier updates your tracking information.

In the case that your tracking information no longer updates, your delivery date estimate changes to a Pending Delivery message, or you see any other unusual updates to your tracking information, please be patient. Most of the time, your tracking information will continue to update within a couple of days, a new delivery date estimate will be assigned, and your Bagmour Box will be delivered shortly thereafter. 

To view all tracking updates and details of your shipment, please visit 'My Subscription' on this website. 

Shipping to Current Members

When you join as a member of Bagamour Box during the season (please view the table below), the Bagamour Box currently for available will be reserved for you and will typically ship within 2-4 weeks of purchase. This timeline is often much quicker (frequently less than a week) if joining outside of the first month of each season (March, June, September, December) should you be lucky enough to still reserve a box before the season sells out.                    

To avoid the delay of your Bagamour Box, please ensure that your shipping and billing Information are up-to-date prior to the 1st of the month of each season (March, June, September, and December). Please visit our FAQs to learn more about how to update your shipping information and/or billing information.

If your Bagamour Box has already shipped to an out-of-date address, we are unfortunately unable to retroactively adjust the shipping address for that specific box and recommend you contact the shipping carrier directly to see if they are able to redirect your package. Of course, you may always send an email to our Community Support Team at with any further questions.