About Us


Founded by Chief Executive Officer, Paige Nichols, Bagamour Box is an original and unique subscription box company dedicated to delivering quality on-trend stylish handbags with accessories each season.

Why BagAmour?

A subscription box is like opening up a gift. From the anticipation of its arrival to the curiosity in discovering what’s inside – it’s a thriving industry that’s really working well within the shift to e-commerce and traditional retail – and caters to the social media marketplace and helps people narrow the limitless choices available now.

Feeling like most of the subscription box services out there have so far missed a major category that Paige had been looking for – bags, handbags, purses – those pieces that uniquely display personality – but also function with much-needed utility.

They can be small or large, really bright & fun or classically tailored – but all will feature quality construction, classic fashion sensibility, and some surprising delightful accessories inside too.

Even though bags are technically one-size-fits all – this subscription service allows you to pinpoint a personality and style and have our experts cater selections to delight you each quarter.